Three Tech Products We Love

Here at Worley Erhart-Graves Financial Advisors, we are all about making your lives easier. Whether it’s the best way to budget for your financial milestones ahead, how to effectively save for retirement, or in this case, find innovative products that could change your life or at least save you time!

One product will save you 60 hours a year, another will help save the environment, and the last eliminates the use of tangled, heavy phone chargers.

Here are three technological products we are currently loving:

#1 Tile

Tile may be something you lay on your bathroom floor, but this tiny, square accessory can be hung on your keys, put in your bag, or even attached to your pet! The app on your phone for Tile, will find it for you when you lose it! I said “when” because on average Americans spend 60 hours a year looking for lost items. This affordable answer to our prayers is tiny, but effective, and can put your mind at ease if you lose your keys for the thousandth time.

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 #2 GravityLight™

This device generates light from gravity. Hang the lamp on a wall and fill it with rocks, dirt, sand or anything heavy. Lift the bag and let it go! It produces 30 minutes of LED light using zero batteries or fuel, it is safer than kerosene lamps, and cheaper than solar by costing only $5. Wow!

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#3 The Prong PocketPlug (For iPhone 6)

This device allows you to plug your phone directly into your outlet. When not in use, the plugs are retracted and folds flat in your case. You no longer have to carry around tangled, bulky chargers.

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Content prepared by Rana Kory, Worley Erhart-Graves Financial Advisors