Five Money-Saving Items on Etsy

With the holidays and a new year right around the corner, it’s never too early (or late) to start saving and learning to budget in a fun and affordable way. Check out these awesome products from Etsy that are sure to inspire you and the kids!

1. Envelope Budget System

The envelope budget system to use with Dave Ramsey’s system. Choose your own colors. We are big proponents of budgeting and using a cash envelope system. Colored envelopes keep you organized, and it’s more fun!

2. 52-week Money Challenge

Have you tried the 52-week money challenge? Each week put aside a certain amount of money. The first week put aside $1. The second week putaside$2. The third week set aside $3. Continue this until the last weekwhere you save $52. It gets tougher at the end but when you’re done, you’ll have saved$1,378 in one year! This product does the challenge in reverse (we like thethought of getting the hard part over first) and provides a printable chart. Or,  you can make your own using your own stickers.

3. The Travel Jar

A great way to save money for a specific goal is to use jars to collect your spare change. We love the idea of this travel jar. Saving a little ata time and using spare change will help keep you from using your charge cards.

4. The Coupon Organizer

This organizer makes it easy to find your couponsquickly. The best part is you could also get one to keep in your car or purseto store receipts!

5. Printable Money Trackers

Worley Erhart-Graves Financial Advisors recommend teaching kids early about money and budgeting. These printable money trackers help children learn how to manage money. It allows them to SEE how much they’re saving and spending. It can be set up in percentages so the child knows how much they can spend, give and save. 

Content prepared by Rana Kory, Worley Erhart-Graves Financial Advisors

Photo by Evan Lorne /