Q&A: Applying for Scholarships When You're Already in College

Q: My daughter has already started college, is it too late to apply for more scholarships?

A: No. You would be surprised how many students lose out on free scholarships because they didn’t know they would qualify for one, or they think it’s too late.

Each year an estimated $46 billion in grants and scholarship money is awarded by the U.S. Department of Education and the nation's colleges and universities. Graduating high school students, fifth-year college students and even graduate students, could be eligible for some kind of scholarship. Below are some websites to help you find available money for your child’s continuing education.

1.    www.unigo.com

2.    www.chegg.com/scholarships

3.    www.fastweb.com

4.    www.cappex.com

5.    www.scholarships.com

6.    www.niche.com

When you find a scholarship to apply for, make sure you have all of the documents required. Just missing one can disqualify you. Some documents may include:

·         Scholarship application

·         High School/College Transcripts

·         Proof of Enrollment

·         Resume

·         Letters of Recommendation (academic, personal, professional)

·         Essay

·         Test Scores (ACT/SAT)

·         Photo (professional-looking)

·         Tax Returns

To increase your chances of securing more scholarships, focus on the smaller dollar amounts and apply for a lot of them. Smaller scholarships tend to have less applicants and/or they tend to award them to more students.

Remember, as long as you’re in college, there’s scholarships out there ready to be awarded!

-       Written by Rana Kory, Worley Erhart-Graves Financial Advisor