Consolidate Your Financial Information on Schwab's Website

Account aggregation is an optional service that allows Schwab clients to collect financial information from accounts at different (non-Schwab) institutions including: investment accounts, bank accounts, credit cards, loans and real estate.

Contact Worley Erhart-Graves Financial Advisors at 317-872-5090 or to request to be set-up for the Schwab Alliance Account Aggregation feature. Once you’ve been added, external accounts will appear on the summary page when you log in to Schwab. Follow the steps below to connect your external accounts.

How It Works

  1. Once you are enrolled in the Account Aggregation service, an ‘Add a Non-Schwab Account’ link will appear at the bottom of the accounts list on the Summary Page. You will be offered the choice to add an account or add Real Estate.

  2. Terms Acceptance

    You must check a box, located at the bottom of the Terms, to provide your consent before being able to continue.

  3. Adding an Account

    You can search across 15,000+ financial institutions or select from one of 6 popular sites. You will need to provide the non-Schwab site credentials directly to Schwab’s Aggregation Services provider. Depending on the amount of data being collected, the newly non-Schwab account data may take several minutes to appear.

  4. Managing Non-Schwab Accounts

    You will be able to edit your credentials and remove non-Schwab accounts as needed.

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