juli erhart-graves

Gail feels an inordinate amount of time is spent thinking about money. Whether we like it or not, money is the vehicle that takes us places. The thought of money is intertwined in every decision we make. But money is just a tool to help us reach our goal of a better future. Gail’s passion lies in helping clients envision their future ‘self’ so they will be propelled to identify their goals, establish a financial plan, and invest for decades. It’s been proven that sticking to a plan reduces financial stress. That’s what motivated Gail to take the road less traveled (by women) and become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner.

Gail also helps clients holistically put their entire financial house in order. Financial planning helps us determine the cash flow, risk-tolerance for investing, along with determining insurance needs for protecting your assets, college education planning, tax advantages, retirement planning, estate/probate benefits, and charitable giving methods.

Most of the population is not properly invested and therefore may not reach their financial goals. Fear and greed are the drivers behind unsound financial decisions.  Gail helps clients overcome this by helping them determine their optimum risk level and then creating portfolios with a mix of investments - asset classes and sectors - designed to maximize return while reducing risk.  Staying invested and re-balancing is key to future growth. Gail educates clients as to the ‘why’ behind market swings, so clients can stay focused on their long-term goals.

Gail has a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Economics, from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. She also completed the University of Texas’ CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ program and obtained her CFP designation in 2012.

In her free time, Gail likes connecting and reconnecting with friends and family. She looks forward to having great conversations while exploring new restaurants, biking the trails, and attending sporting events and music venues. Life is a journey!