juli erhart-graves

Juli loves puzzles! She loves the process of organizing the puzzle pieces, thinking through where the pieces belong, and how they fit together to form the final picture. She sees financial planning as the ultimate puzzle where you get to organize a financial life, think through where the pieces belong and what pieces are missing, and then make plans to fit all the pieces together to form a strong financial future.

Juli provides financial planning and investment advisory services to individuals, couples, and families. She enjoys spending time with clients to learn about their financial past, where they stand now, and their future goals. With that information, she creates a financial plan that addresses all the areas of their financial life – investments, retirement savings, tax planning, employee benefits, saving for college, retiree cash flow planning, insurance planning, estate planning and more. Periodic reviews allow clients to see the progress they are making, which helps bring the future financial picture into focus.

When creating investment plans for clients under our investment advisory services, Juli uses the information gathered during the financial planning process to develop a portfolio that is globally-diversified, low cost and appropriate for her clients’ goals and risk tolerance.

In addition, she loves educating others about financial planning and the peace it can bring to life, so she is always excited to spread the word and encourage financial planning by talking to groups – big and small.  

Juli earned a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Finance from Indiana University Kelly School of Business and has spent her time since then working in the financial planning industry. She earned the CFP® designation in 2005 and became the firm’s owner in 2008.

Juli has appeared on CNBC, was featured in Morningstar Advisor magazine, and served as the Technical Editor for the third edition of Stock Investing for Dummies and second edition of High-Powered Investing All-in-One for Dummies. In addition, Juli leads the finance team at her church and occasionally facilitates Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. 

Juli and her husband are empty-nesters who live on three acres with a barn. They share their home with Scout and Murphy (cats) and Gouverneur (dog). They share the three acres and barn with a slew of chickens (all named, of course) and three beehives (the honeybees remain unnamed). She also enjoys reading fiction, organizing things, marking things off her to-do list and travelling.