Comprehensive financial planning is a multi-step process designed to provide practical strategies and information to help you build a secure financial future. Your plan may encompass a wide array of fiscal areas including investments, insurance, estate planning, tax strategies, retirement planning and more, always taking into consideration all aspects of your financial and personal resources and goals. Above all, we are committed to providing you with the knowledge, expertise and discipline it takes to truly understand the "big picture" of your finances and how all areas works together to help you achieve your set goals.

When knowledge meets solutions…

Financial planning can help you find answers to your financial questions, such as:

Am I on track for retirement?

How much income will I have in retirement?

When should I claim Social Security?

Are my investments appropriate?

Do I have appropriate types and adequate amounts of insurance?

Are my estate documents up to date?

Is my estate plan going to accomplish my current goals?

Are there any tax strategies I should consider? 

When you’re ready to be empowered…

Once you make your initial appointment with one of our financial planners, we will send you a packet letting you know what documents and information we will need from you. This will help us see the complete picture of your financial profile.

Our initial meeting is designed to get to know you personally, help identify your current financial resources and challenges, and find out your goals in life.

Following the initial meeting, we'll analyze the information you have provided, research options, and develop a sound, objective plan with specific action items designed to help you achieve your financial goals.

Shortly after sending you your customized financial plan, we'll schedule a meeting to review the plan together and provide advice and assistance on implementing the recommendations. We want to instill the power in you to completely understand the comprehensive plan.

We're always available to monitor the progress of your plan, answer questions and help you deal with unexpected roadblocks or detours along the way. Because things can change, we encourage annual financial planning reviews.

Financial planning services are provided at an hourly fee-only basis. We do not require you to use our investment management services to work with our financial planners.

Contact us for a no-cost interview meeting.

No investment plan assures success or guarantees against loss.