Knowing your strengths allows you to discern whether you have the time or interest in administering and managing your investments on an ongoing basis. If you decide to delegate that task, we offer professional investment management services.

When you choose Worley Erhart-Graves as your investment manager, you are hiring a team to develop a customized plan, establish appropriate investment accounts and investment recommendations. We stay abreast of the ever-changing financial markets and stand ready to adjust your plan as needed. We perform an in-depth review of your portfolio annually, and present any recommended portfolio rebalancing changes to you for approval. Your knowledge and understanding of portfolio changes helps keep you engaged with our process and your portfolio. As your investment manager, we provide all service on your accounts. When you need anything, we’re just a phone call or email away. 

As a fee-only firm, we do not sell any products and there are no hidden fees where we are compensated. We operate with full transparency. Our annual fee is 0.50% of the value of the managed assets, and fees are calculated and billed quarterly at 0.125% per quarter. The minimum for our investment management services is $500,000 per household. The portfolio management fee covers our investment management services and all meetings, correspondence, reporting and service of the managed account(s). In order to keep our portfolio management fee low, services in other areas of your financial life, such as retirement planning, insurance planning, estate planning, tax planning and investment planning for accounts we do not manage are billed at our hourly rate. This gives you the power to control your costs, by engaging us for services only when you need them and not on a retainer basis. 

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No investment plan assures success or guarantees against loss.